fermenting tanks at a brewery

Keeping the Beer Cold

A brewery, no matter its size, needs to pay attention to every step of crafting its product. It starts with the right ingredients and continues through various stages before it winds up on a shelf or in a cooler.

One of the key stages in brewing beer is fermentation. This process has to go perfectly, otherwise a batch can be ruined – adding up to lost time and product – not to mention a loss of income.

Energy Efficient Technologies has worked with thousands of clients that span a wide range of industries, including brewing. They have brought their expertise and technology to a variety of breweries to help them maintain consistency while reducing their energy costs.

One client was located in Ohio and saw that the chiller cooling system used in the fermentation department was beginning to show signs of significant efficiency loss.

EET was contacted to take care of the problem, which meant increasing the efficiency of the process, identifying areas where savings could be found, and helping reduce the carbon footprint.

After visiting with the engineering team of the brewery, the team took measurements and investigated the different machinery and components of the chiller. Without an intense investigation of the structure, it would be impossible to find success.

The company decided to implement the energy control measure known as CryoGenX4. Invented by a former member of the Mobil-1 Synthetic Motor Oil development team, this one-time chemical treatment restores the efficiency loss common to all systems and prevents it from ever occurring again in the future.

The Secret to CryoGenX4

The technology is composed of highly conductive, electromagnetic and polarized molecules that act quickly to forever displace the insulating layer of non- conductive material inside a system (commonly referred to as oil fouling).

Installed just once while running with no downtime, these polarized nano-technology molecules prevent refrigerant oil build-up from ever reoccurring.  The result is a 20% reduction (on average) of energy use to do the same job.

The result is a metal surface free of efficiency and capacity-robbing stagnant oil that is then enhanced and stabilized to improve its heat transfer ability.

In addition, CryoGenX4 delivers better lubricity, allowing compressors to run at cooler temperatures by re-circulating refrigerant at a colder rate. By reducing the negative effects of extreme heat, the HVAC system life is also extended.

HVAC and refrigeration systems suffer from a condition known as oil fouling. Simply put, particles adhere themselves to surfaces in machinery, and can prevent them from doing their job. The result is increased energy use, and soaring energy bills.

The team applied CryoGenX4 to the existing system, without requiring downtime. The goals of this application were:

  • Delivering extra cooling capacity to satisfy fluctuating brewery loads better
  • Improving cooling efficiency, lowering the cost to produce each ton of cooling required
  • Restoring thermal efficiency, allowing equipment to achieve set points faster
  • Reducing unscheduled maintenance calls and extending equipment life by 20% or more

The Results

Results show an average efficiency improvement of 18.55%, yielded a project payback of 13.2-months and provided a 932% return on investment over the estimated remaining life of the chiller.

The brewery was also able to reduce its electricity use, and that helped improve their carbon footprint, an accomplishment that will not only help the environment, but boost the brand’s popularity and profile.

Get Smart with EET

Improving the performance of your operation – no matter what you brew up – doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s a matter of working with experienced experts who partner with you to find the best, most efficient ways to save money and reduce your energy costs.

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