Big Bear Lake, West Virgnia

5000 Acre Recreational Facility Needed Help

marriottEnergy Efficient Technologies performed a detailed energy audit of this large scale resort facility that services 40,000 people on holiday weekends.

With over 2500 campsites, 52 restroom facilities, 100 permanent resident homes, 2 Million dollar water park, grocery store, and waste facilities, there are a lot of moving parts.

The Results – Efficiency All Around

Energy Efficient Technologies designed and oversaw the implementation of:

  • Optimized HVAC and refrigeration with CryoGenX4
  • Complete LED Lighting Upgrade sitewide
  • Upgraded 52 Bath houses to on demand hot water, building envelope improvements, low flow shower heads, toilets and sinks
  • Power Factor correction
  • Variable speed pumps and motors
  • More energy efficient ice cream machines
  • Identified upgrades to 2Megawatt power distribution system
  • Managed all REAP Grants and Utility rebates to pay for over 25% of the projects
  • Saved over 1 Million gallons of water annually
  • Saved 1000 gallons of diesel fuel annually
  • Reduced Electricity consumption by 25%


“Energy Efficient Technologies did a great job helping us upgrade this 50 year old resort.  The savings and carbon footprint reductions are massive.

I highly recommend their services and technologies!!!!”

Mark Schooley, CEO Big Bear Lake Camplands


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