Major National Brewery- > 7 Million BBL/Year

BreweryCryoGenX4 Validation Pilot Project Overview

March-May  2021

Energy Efficient Technologies (EET) and a major national brewer (MNB) jointly began conducting a performance pilot on the chiller cooling system supporting the fermentation process within the one of their facilities located in Ohio. The primary purpose of the pilot project was to demonstrate the financial savings, increased efficiency, and carbon footprint reductions achieved by implementing the energy control measure (ECM) CryoGenX4. Invented by a former member of the Mobil-1 Synthetic Motor Oil development team, CryoGenX4 is a one-time chemical treatment requiring no downtime for installation that quickly restores the capacity and efficiency lost over time in any HVAC and refrigeration system. In newer equipment, it prevents the efficiency loss common to all systems from ever occurring. These losses add up to 30% or more, as documented by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). These are mainly the result of oil-fouling and thermal degradation of the internal heat exchange surfaces. By improving performance, CryoGenX4 reduces the cost to operate any cooling equipment – regardless of age, size, or refrigerant type – while at the same time increasing capacity.

Using four different methods to validate improvements, results show:

  • An average efficiency improvement of 18.55%
  • Payback of 13.2 months
  • Return on Investment of 932% over the estimated remaining life of the chiller