Columbia Distributing, Kent, WA


Beer Distribution- MillerCoors

400,000 Sq Ft.


Complete LED Lighting Upgrade- 1779 fixtures

51.4% Electricity Reduction

Return on Investment 465%

2 Year Payback

Better Lighting, Safer Operations

This project will reduce 8,052 Metric Tons of CO2 Emissions

Secured Utility Rebate to Fund > $200K of  the project


   Before                                     After

Currently EET is under contract upgrading LED lighting and installing CryoGenX4 in 17 Other Columbia Distributing Facilities.



Energy Efficient Technologies’ work for Columbia Distributing on our recent lighting project produced excellent results.  Their professionalism, paired with their engineering knowledge, ensured that we received the best lighting solution to maximize savings and safety for our Kent warehouse. In addition, their installers worked with warehouse management to ensure minimal disruption to warehouse operations to efficiently complete the project on time during a pandemic.  Additionally, their utility rebate, management, and communication experience ensured that we quickly received the utility company’s maximum rebate. I highly recommend!


Dave Stander


Columbia Distributing


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