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There are 500,000 Refrigerated Trailers in service in the United States with an additional $5 Billion dollars spent every year on new equipment globally.  All of this equipment has a known issue that is well documented internationally that causes these systems to start to lose efficiency as soon as they are put into service.

CryoGenX4 to the Rescue

Validation Study Overview
A comprehensive energy performance study, conducted for DPI, was performed to validate the effectiveness of CryoGenX4, an energy control measure (ECM), to reduce DPI’s operational costs while delivering on its suppliers’ science-based sustainability goals.
A trailer’s refrigeration unit (reefer) consumes diesel fuel to maintain the proper temperature for each compartment. The longer and more intensively the reefer runs, the more diesel it consumes (and the more greenhouse gases emitted). Over time, the reefer’s capacity and efficiency degrade with use; this is due to continual oil migration on the surface of the internal coil and compressor. CryoGenX4 removes and emulsifies oil fouling covering the surface of heat exchange surfaces.
This study evaluated CryoGenX4’s impact on DPI equipment and was conducted between October 11-15, 2019 at the DPI Mid-Atlantic distribution center in Capitol Heights, MD, on a 53’ trailer (#350866) equipped with a 4-year-old Carrier Vector 8600MT reefer.

After Deploying CryoGenX4 in the DPI Reefer:

  • Freezer efficiency increased 24%
  • Cooler efficiency increased 42%
  • Fuel efficiency improved 20%
  • Verified average 20% reduction in fuel usage to perform the same route over a two month review

Key Take Away: Fewer reefer runtime hours translates directly into less diesel fuel consumed and longer compressor and reefer equipment life. Faster pull down times to reach temperature once doors are opened for deliveries (24% in the freezer and 42% in the cooler)  results in better ability for products to stay within allowable temperatures while saving money doing it.

When deployed in the 256 Trailers in the DPI portfolio,  at $3 a gallon for diesel, DPI could save $343K every year for the next 7 years they operate trailers or $2.1 Million dollars with a seven year ROI of 960%

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