DPI, Capitol Heights, MD

Keeping it Cool

DPI has an established network of wholesale specialty food distribution centers in key geographic locations across the Western United States. The company supplies over 40,000 SKUs of perishable and non-perishable food items from five continents.

The company’s facilities in Maryland dedicated to Starbucks distribution were experiencing a decline in the performance of their refrigeration systems three years after they had been purchased and installed. The fact that these units were already falling behind was a major concern to the client.

CryoGenX4 to the Rescue

The decision to use CryGenX4 yielded impressive results. When initially tested, the refrigeration system #7 was producing 13.69 tons of its designed 16.7 tons of cooling capacity.

Just three days after implementing the CryoGenX4 ECM:

  • Cooling capacity increased by 17.8% to 16.12 tons. This improvement allowed the system to reach set point quicker and turn off.
  • Delta T Increased by 17.8 %
  • Coefficient of Performance increased 20%

What once took the refrigeration system 20 minutes of runtime to satisfy its set point prior to being treated, it accomplished the same task in 16 1⁄2 minutes.

Less time running translates directly into lower utility costs, fewer repairs and longer life.

CryoGenX4 projected savings for DPI were:

  • Payback Period for the Pilot Refrigeration System 4.5 months
  • Return on investment over equipment lifetime- 2937%


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