Maverick Convenience Stores, St. George, UT

Cooling Convenience Stores

maverikMaverick convenience stores are located in 280 locations in the west. These types of operations struggle with energy efficiency due to the large HVAC systems they must run constantly – and due to the opening and closing of doors, the temperature in the stores fluctuates greatly.

Another drain of energy are the refrigeration units that help keep drinks and other perishable items at the correct temperature. Of course, these units must also run on a constant basis.

EET conducted a project on three of these stores to show the effectiveness of implementing a technology into the HVAC and refrigeration systems – known now as CryoGenX4.

The goal of the project was as follows:

  • Ability of the equipment to better satisfy fluctuating store and refrigeration loads
  • Produce additional cooling redundancy at no extra cost or interruption to store operations
  • Improve cooling equipment efficiency, lowering cost to produce each ton of cooling required
  • Restore thermal efficiency, allowing cooling equipment to achieve thermostat set points faster
  • Reduce unscheduled maintenance issues and extend equipment life by 15% or more
  • Reduce overall energy consumption and peak demand charges (KVA)

Validation Results-

The results for the three stores involved in the project were as follows:

  • Energy Reduction- 10.2%
  • Demand Reduction- 8.3%
  • Lifetime Return on Investment 579%

Following this validation pilot, the manufacture deployed in 280 convenience store locations.

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