Meals on Wheels Baltimore, MD

The Sustainability group in the City of Baltimore government asked Energy Efficient Technologies to assist in deploying technology to reduce carbon footprint and utility bill costs.

One of these locations was Meals on Wheels, a sizable restaurant and distribution center.


Meals on Wheels has been guided by a single goal since the first known U.S. delivery by a small group of Philadelphia citizens in 1954 – to support our senior neighbors to extend their independence and health as they age. What started as a compassionate idea has grown into one of the largest and most effective social movements in America, currently helping nearly 2.4 million seniors annually in virtually every community in the country.

This particular facility in Baltimore uses a tremendous amount of energy as they prepare and deliver 3-4 Million meals a year.

Energy Efficient Technologies performed the following upgrades in 2017:

  • 426 lamps and fixtures replaced with LED
  • Deployed HVAC and Refrigeration optimization now known as CryoGenX4
  • Replaced Insulation and cooler doors
  • Installed Variable Speed exhaust fans over range hoods
  • Installed ECM motors in Walk in coolers
  • Modified control system in walk in coolers
  • Deployed smart receptacles to control plug loads
  • Vending machine controls to reduce costs by 50%
  • Replaced Spray nozzles on washing stations to reduce water usage

Lifetime Savings= $928,871

Lifetime Return on Investment= 864%

Lifetime Reduction of 6254 Metric Tons CO2 which is equivalent to reducing 15,291,926 miles driven by automobiles

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