Mitchell Distributing, Gulfport, MS

mitchell distributingStaying Cool, and Profitable with an 842% ROI

When it comes to keeping products cool and protected, Mitchell Distributing’s HVAC and refrigeration systems are a major player. Made up of six 26-ton rooftop units and one 25-ton refrigeration unit, the system makes up the bulk of the cooling load at Mitchell Distributing.

In an effort to get the most out of the cooling system, and save money on electrical bills and maintenance, EET was asked to conduct a savings validation study using the CryroGenX4 treatment.

Application and Results

All systems in the gulfport location were evaluated and measured before anything was changed.  EET installed a utility grade meter on the power panel servicing all of the large HVAC/R equipment in addition to performing the IPMVP testing using international standard.

After a baseline was recorded in various weather conditions, CryoGenX4 was deployed in all equipment.

Once the treatment had circulated through the system, the following results occurred:

  • An average efficiency improvement of 19.2%
  • A project payback of just 20-months
  • A 904% return-on-investment over the estimated remaining life of the cooling equipment.

The results achieved in this application convinced Mitchell Distributing to immediately treat their other three distribution facilities in MS including 67 HVAC/R machines across 4 locations.

This CryoGenX4 project for Mitchell Distributing will:

  • Produce a lifetime savings of $707,491
  • Yield a 1.86 year payback
  • Increase Building Value by $393,051
  • Produce a Lifetime Return on Investment of 842%
  • Lifetime reduction of 6.7 Million kWh
  • Lifetime reduction of 4,764 Metric Tons CO2

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