Premier Distributing, Albuquerque, NM

Premier Distributing CompanyKeeping it Cold

Premier Distribution Company (PDC) and Anheuser-Busch need to keep their product cold, and stored at a consistent level. The surrounding desert atmosphere was another factor that contributed to the need for consistent temperatures in the facilities.

EET was contracted to determine how well and quickly the HVAC and refrigeration systems could be improved by our CryoGenX4 energy conservation measure. In most cases, the loss of performance is due to oil fouling robbing heat exchange surfaces of their productivity.

The CryoGenX4 Solution

Two refrigeration systems were tested in this study that have been in operation for six and 15 years respectively. Additionally, three standard rooftop air conditioning units that have been in operation for 25, four and 25 years respectively were also tested. Each compressor is estimated to have a minimum of 10,000 runtime hours and all of the systems were tested “as-is”.

After a two-day testing period, the units where were treated and results included:

  • 4.65 tons of cooling restored, equating to a 14.1% increase in capacity.
  • The reduction of 66,000 kWh annually translates into a short 10.9-month payback of the total project costs
  • The efficiency of the cooling systems improved from 1.86 kW/ton down to 1.59 kW/ton equating to 14.5% less energy being used to keep the kegs cold.
  • Achieved nearly a full degree (.85°) average colder supply air in the post test period versus the initial baseline test period.


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