Price Chopper Grocery New York

A grocery chain looking to be more sustainable and save costs:

Price Chopper grocery was interested in saving costs and reducing carbon footprint. Energy Efficient Technologies suggested optimizing HVAC and refrigeration with what is now called CryoGenX4.

We figured it out:

Our Energy Efficient Technologies team performed a savings validation evaluation for Price Choppers of CryoGenX4 in their refrigeration systems.

• Dates: Power metering began on 17 Jan 2016 and ran through 10 May 2016. Current transformers captured all the power used on all compressors making up the three refrigeration racks, as well as the associated condensing units for these systems.
• Objective: Testing was conducted to demonstrate that the HVAC and refrigeration Energy Control Measure (ECM) [now called CryoGenX4]would reduce overall energy use of the refrigeration system by 8% or more through the combined restoration of thermal efficiency and capacity at each of 63 individual evaporators connected to the system inside the store and the 14 compressors comprising the three separate rack systems.
• Testing Conditions: It was agreed to in advance that all testing was to be conducted with the equipment operating “as-is”. Since this was an “in-situ” test, to eliminate as many variables as possible, it was also agreed to in advance that only the power meter data from periods where the outside weather conditions were the same in both the baseline and post collection periods would be used to determine any energy savings achieved. These conditions have a great effect on the operational performance and overall power consumption of the refrigeration system. The in-store logger positioned near the seafood case in the rear of the store showed the conditions inside the store remained constant throughout the entire test period. In this test we did not track the load on the evaporators that include things like inventory arrivals, stocking of coolers/freezers, numbers of customers, etc.

Here’s the results:

  • 23% reduction in energy costs

  • 14 month Payback

  • Return on Investment over the life of the equipment = 951.5%

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