Tojo Mushroom-Food Manufacturer Pennsylvania

Tojo Mushroom was looking to save costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Energy Efficient Technologies performed a detailed energy audit, made numerous recommendations for improvements.

The purpose of this case study is to provide the results of the savings validation pilot of an HVAC and refrigeration ECM now known as CryoGenX4 at the largest mushroom growing facility in the US

Operation of the Mushroom House

Each HVAC unit used for conditioning the mushroom house operates on a unique schedule of set points, percentage of outside air, backup A/C, and heat at 100% while A/C is on.  This schedule is important as the operation of the equipment affect the results of the test.

Data Analysis

The data was analyzed by gathering the operation schedule of each unit and categorizing similar settings of set point, outside air percentage, and outside temperature.  Using multiple similar days the percentage of savings before and after were created and averaged to present a final value.


  • Unit#17 shows an energy savings of 33%
  • Unit#19 shows an energy savings of 28%.
  • This represents a simple payback of approximately  1.55 Years. 
  • Return on Investment over equipment lifetime = 862%

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