Grayson County Courthouse Virginia

in 2011 Grayson County was interested in improving the energy efficiency of its courthouse building.  In addition, Grayson County wanted to showcase these new improvements to improve public relations and educate its residents about the impact of going green.

Energy Efficient Technologies, LLC  installed a new automation system to integrate the building’s major energy systems into one centrally controlled and monitored system.

Several inefficient HVAC components were replaced and solar panels were added to the roof of the building to produce renewable energy.  The project was funded through $850,000 in federal and state grants.  The project has created a 45 percent overall reduction in energy consumption, while providing important information to the operations and maintenance staff to further reduce costs and improve performance.

A summary of the savings along with the details of environmental impact are displayed in the building’s lobby to educate the public regarding the benefits of energy conservation.

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