Marriott Resorts, Palm Beach, Aruba

Staying Cool in the Tropics

marriottWhile everyone loves to visit the tropics, hotel owners and operators struggle to make sure that their guests feel cool and comfortable after a day in the sun.

Three Marriott Resort locations were  experiencing out of control energy bills that were impacting operating budgets and the bottom line.

A pilot program that included the services of Energy Efficient Technologies was conducted to determine the positive impact hvac optimization, now known as CryoGenX4, would have on the overall cooling performance on cooling systems at each resort.

The Results – Comfort and Efficiency

After application and allowing the nanotechnology to circulate in all of the different operations, the proper measurements were taken and the overall results showed that energy consumption had been reduced while the efficiency had increased.

Over time the operation would realize the following financial benefits.

  • Payback in 6.1 Months
  • Lifetime ROI 2113%
  • Extends life by 15-20%
  • 25.2% capacity increase
  • 33.8% COP improvement
  • 25.8% reduction in energy

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