Men’s Wearhouse/Tailored Brands,
Houston TX

mens wearDressed for Success

This facility in Texas was experiencing lost capacity and decreased performance in 125 25-ton rooftop units that occurred over a period of time. Over the years, the director of facilities had noticed an enormous amount of RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) were required to maintain set points, resulting in a continuous rise in energy bills.

The configuration of this massive two million square feet facility spreads out the cooling load across over more than a hundred mostly nominal 25-ton RTUs. Most units in the facility operate on thermostatic set points between 73 to 74 degrees.

One RTU supporting the first floor and another RTU supporting the 2nd floor were carefully chosen in case the heat loads were different on the two operational levels.

The Test Pattern

It was verified that the RTUs chosen for the initial test were operating in a normal manner. After applying CryoGenX4, improvements were tracked over a confirmed period of time. After almost 5 years, EET retested the same units to show a one time installation last for the life of the equipment.

The results:

  • 23.4% reduction in energy
  • 21.2% increase in capacity
  • 15.1% increase in delta T
  • 12.5 month payback


“Having overseen the initial installation of the HVAC optimization technology [now called CryoGenX4]. into several dozen of our 20 & 25 ton rooftop units nearly 5 years ago at the 2 million square foot distribution Center on West Belfort Road, I saw first hand the positive results on our overall energy bills. Though I didn’t need any additional proof the technology was working, the EET/Tri-S team asked to come back recently to re-measure 4 sample units from the original group to add to their longevity data. The test results 4.5 years after the initial installation clearly showed the performance improvements were nearly identical to the original improvements produced. I would recommend CryoGenX4 to anyone who wants to save energy.   ”

Andrew White, Director of Warehousing & Distribution Facilities, Tailored Brands


After this CryoGenX4 project, Energy Efficient Technologies also replaced all LED lighting in two large additional Men’s Wearhouse distribution facilities in Maryland.   This included Hundreds of high bay fixtures and office replacements.

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