Nexion Health, Sykesville, MD


Nexion Health energy efficiency projects provide $10 Million in Savings

Energy Efficient Technologies has been working with Omega Healthcare and Nexion Health, one of their operators,  to reduce carbon footprint and reduce energy usage in offices, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities since 2014.

EET started by conducting studies and testing of the system’s performance and proving the savings associated with LED lighting upgrades and CryoGenX4 Deployment.  Savings achieved in the headquarters location were approximately 33% overall.

After the deployment of CryroGenX4 into all of it’s headquarters HVAC systems, Nexion Health achieved the following savings from CryoGenX4:

  • 19.6% reduction in costs to provide cooling
  • 12 month payback
  • Lifetime Return on Investment 1031%

After this successful pilot demonstration,  EET has performed extensive audits in all 51 locations and deployed energy conservation measures in 26 complete locations.

These include deployment of CryoGenX4 in 340 Rooftop HVAC machines, and 28,141 LED lighting replacements and will produce over $5 Million Dollars of energy savings over the life of this equipment.

All of this was completed with no money out of pocket and no debt as the energy savings paid for the project on the utility bill.

The other 25 locations are planned to be completed next bringing the overall lifetime savings total to approximately $10 million dollars in this portfolio.

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