CryoGenX4: One Application for a Lifetime of Benefits


If you own or operate a business that employs HVAC, refrigeration or freezer units that are oil lubricated (99.9% of all 6 Billion machines in the world), you are losing efficiency and money because of oil fouling.

Well oiled machines run more efficiently and break down less, plus they can operate over an extended period of time without a great deal of maintenance.

However, the oil used to lubricate components, and keep everything running, can also find its way past the piston or crankshaft.

When that happens, it can then seep into the refrigerant tubes , and spread around the entire system, and the problems start mounting. The oil will coat these heat exchanger tubes, which in turn creates a thermal barrier.

This action reduces heat transfer, efficiency, and capacity. This starts the moment you turn on a brand new machines and continues to get worse over time.

You’ll be dealing with mounting energy bills, and increased maintenance calls, and if the situation turns serious, parts and components can completely breakdown. Then you may be looking at having to invest major funds into new systems.

The X Factor

Energy Efficient Technologies solved the problem of oil fouling by offering the fourth generation patented CryoGenX4. It took more than 20 years of research and field application, but this liquid surface science technology has helped hundreds of businesses improve their energy efficiency and save costs on maintenance, repair, and replacement. With over 150,000 CryoGenX4 installations across 6 continents, there has never been a voided warranty or insurance claim for issues.

CryoGenX4 is a solution that is composed of electromagnetically charged particles that will push their way past fouled oil, and then embed themselves on all of the interior surfaces. Imagine a Teflon coated pan that you never have to clean.

As the particles emulsify the oil, it can no longer adhere to any heat exchange surfaces – and this allows the heat to be properly transferred out of the system. As a result, efficiency and performance increase on average 20% and you’ll also save money. This typically translates to  8-15% of your overall electricity bill.

Applying this solution to your HVAC or refrigerating systems while running with no downtime, is easy and quick. We have more than 11,000 trained technicians who will take care of the application, and usually takes about 15 minutes per machine.

Our tech will pump the CryoGenX4 solution gradually into the port that’s normally used for adding refrigerant. The solution will then circulate throughout the operation, and depending upon the size of the system, it will begin to produce full reductions within 24 hours in most cases.

That’s it.

A one time application lasts for as long as the equipment is operating, and if parts need to be replaced, our solution will continue to work. This single deployment provides savings every year which is why many of our clients see a ROI between 500%-1000% depending on the age of the machines.

Is Your Business a Good Fit?

CryoGenX4 was designed to be used by small to large businesses who rely a great deal on air chillers, freezers, walk-ins, and other climate controlled equipment. Our clients range from companies in the McDonald’s system, Anheuser-Busch System, IGA portfolio, Cogent Data Centers, Omega Healthcare Assisted Living to Men’s Wearhouse and other retailers.

While your operation may not be as large as these clients, it can still benefit from reducing the effects of oil fouling.

The application of this solution has been used primarily by:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Healthcare and Assisted Living
  • Restaurants
  • Data Centers
  • Breweries
  • Cold Chain Distribution
  • Refrigerated Trailers (Reefers)
  • Winery and Distilleries
  • Technology companies

Contact Us about CryoGenx4

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