Why EET?

A Break from Tradition

The traditional approach to reducing energy costs entails replacing isolated pieces of older equipment with new, more efficient models. This strategy can be compared to applying a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound. Replacing your out-dated equipment may cover the most visible issue, but like the Band-Aid, it fails to address the serious problems which will continue to impair you and your business.

A Unique Solution

At EET we understand your problem, and know how to solve it. Our approach is holistic, comprehensive, and detailed. We look deep into the workings of your equipment to identify where the most waste is accumulating, why it’s occurring, and how we can fix it. While most look to replacement as the primary tool for energy reduction, we reserve this method for last. Your business is unique, and as such, should not settle for a “one size fits all” plan.

Our first phase of the solution is always the cheapest – free. This is always the case because we rank our solutions by their impact to you–return on investment. From here, we work closely with you to create a detailed energy reduction plan completely customized to meet your goals without breaking your budget.

Energy Experts

Our team includes dedicated professionals who have spent their entire careers in the energy sector. From creating highly innovative and complex operating systems for ships and submarines to developing and managing alternative energy methods, our principals possess a wealth of experience. With each new day and project, this experience grows, enhancing our ability to save future customers like you even more.

The Bottom Line

Efficiency isn’t just the result of our work, it’s the philosophy of our method; we create efficiency in the most efficient way possible. This means less waste, less risk, and more real savings for you.