Pizza Hut

At a Pizza Hut in Baltimore, Energy Efficient Technologies formulated a 2-Phase plan to reduce energy consumption by 43 percent.

There were several problems such as employees forgetting to close refrigerator and freezer doors, leaving the lights on, and letting the HVAC system run overnight. In addition, there was no way to control how employees were managing the lights and temperature during the day.

In the first phase, our solution addressed human factors:

• Timed controls turn the lights and HVAC up or down, depending on occupancy
• Employees are alerted to close walk-in freezer doors
• By arming the security panel as the employee closes up for the night, the building goes into “nighttime mode” in which ovens, lights, HVAC and the fireplace are turned off or on a very low setting
• E-mail advisories are sent out 24/7 to the maintenance crew, who can learn about the specifics of a problem as it occurs — whether it’s routine or an emergency — on a dedicated webpage. The page also provides immediate access to equipment documentation and parts specifications
• The entire store is monitored and controlled from a web-based system that can be accessed via smart-phone, iPad or computer

On top of the energy savings, our solution has greatly reduced the loss of food product. For example, a worker who neglects to close the cooler door is confronted with escalating alerts: a flashing yellow light, followed by a siren, followed by an email to the boss.

In the second phase…

We are currently monitoring the operation and energy consumption of every sub-component in the store. We will use this data to implement additional energy efficient technologies. Our plan is to capture waste heat, provide free cooling and improve the efficiency of all the compressors using a variety of industry proven techniques.

Local electric utility rebates funded 50 percent of Phase 1 of the project and Phase 2 will also likely be partially funded by electric utility company rebates establishing a payback period of 2-3 years.