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Save 20% On Average On All HVAC, Refrigeration and Freezers With The Fastest Payback in Our 200 Technologies-
Problem- Oil fouling:

All oil lubricated HVAC and Refrigeration systems have a know problem that is costing you money.

When we drive our cars around, small amounts of oil get past the piston and burn out, which is why we have a dipstick.
The same thing happens in HVAC and Refrigeration/Freezer compressors.  When small amounts of oil  get past the piston or crankshaft it adheres to the inner walls of the refrigerant tubes and reduces the heat transfer. This makes your machines run longer to cool the space – as much as 35% over time.

ASHRAE states Oil fouling will cause a loss of about 7% efficiency in the equipment’s first year of use, 5% the second year, and 2% per year each subsequent year.

Solution- CryoGenX4:

CryoGenX4 is a surface science liquid nanotechnology. It removes and emulsifies the oil fouling the heat exchange surfaces and activates the surface to enhance its ability to transfer heat, preventing the oil from ever adhering to the coils again, improving efficiency and capacity for the lifetime of the equipment.  A one-time treatment that lasts for the lifetime of the equipment and is deployed while the equipment is running without disruption to the business.

CryoGenX4 is highly effective on every type, and age, of HVAC or refrigeration system.  For older units, CryoGenX4 returns nearly all the lost efficiency and capacity, while for newer units, it avoids degradation and maximizes the company’s lifetime savings while extending the life of the machines up to 20%.

For a short video description of CryoGenX4 click here!


Our 30+ year licensed professional engineers have identified, developed, patented, evaluated or deployed over 200 technologies and process changes, which is constantly being updated with new and upcoming technologies in today’s market. For each of our clients, we:

• Examine technologies in a wide variety of categories including HVAC, computers, lighting, monitoring and controls, refrigeration, solar, boilers, air quality, etc.
• Analyze which technologies will give them the most bang for their buck
• Integrate, analyze and deploy best-in-class technologies for energy efficiency no matter who you are, how you use energy or how much money you spend on energy

For questions on a specific category of technologies, please feel free to contact us.

Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting


Energy Efficient Technologies (EET) collects and stores data to provide continuous improvements to energy operations.

• Real time monitoring and analytics provide ongoing business intelligence
• Measure and verification process for energy conservation measures (ECM)
• Historical data and graphs support decisions about energy consumption
• Comparison across entire portfolio identifying fastest payback