You already have budget to deploy energy efficiency, you pay your electric bill. Let us show you how to reduce it with no money out of pocket.

Utility rebate programs are widespread but it is difficult for the average business owner to receive approval due to:
• Constant program changes
• Substantial knowledge required of both existing and replacement energy systems for application process
• Lack of awareness about the programs
• Inability to set aside time and effort away from daily operations to complete the application process

EET offers commercial and industrial clients:
• Management of meticulous details of rebate programs
• Attainment of highest possible utility rebates on energy upgrades and audits
• Comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge of energy programs across the country

To date, EET has procured >$1 Million in rebates for our customers. Here are a few:• Columia Distritbuting- Washington- $204,000 LED Lighting Upgrade              • Men’s Wearhouse-Maryland – $186,000 LED Lighting Upgrade                                • Armada Logistics- >$20,000 LED Lighting Upgrade
• Bel-Garden Bi-Rite Grocery Store – Custom rebate for advanced technology dehumidification system – $35,500
• Box and Save Grocery Store – Custom rebate for advanced technology dehumidification system – $33,984
• Geresbecks Grocery Store – Custom rebate for advanced technology dehumidification system – $37,467
• Pizza Hut – Custom rebate for HVAC and automation and controls – $30,000
• Pizza Hut – Enhanced Operations & Maintenance rebate – $10,646

To find out what programs are available in your area today, contact us.

Tax Incentives

There are many Federal and state tax incentives for energy efficiency improvements, including:
• Tax deduction of up to $1.80/sq.ft. for buildings that save 50% on heating, cooling and lighting
• Investment tax credit (ITC) of 30% for solar energy, small wind and qualified fuel cell projects
• ITC of 10% for combined heat and power systems and geothermal heat pumps


Although federal grants are limited, some state and local grants or low interest loans are available. For example:
• DOE provided $500 million to 41 states in 2012for energy efficiency improvements
• USDA provides grants and loans in various programs to rural businesses for energy efficiency improvements.

Contact us to find out what grants may be available to your business.

3rd-Party Financing

Substantial energy upgrades may require finances that are not readily available to you. We have helped several businesses acquire third-party financing. Energy improvements are enticing to private entities because of:
• Predictability of the savings
• Increased ability of recipient to pay loan off as savings accumulate

Don’t let the absence of cash impede you from improving your energy system. Contact us to find out how we can acquire third-party financing for your business.