About Us

Energy Efficient Technologies (EET) was formed by 30+ year experienced licensed professional engineers to provide the most comprehensive energy efficiency solutions possible.
Working as civilians for the Navy, EET personnel are primarily electrical engineers that cut their teeth on research and development relating to survivability and efficiency. Two of the most influential projects involved automating the energy and control systems of submarines and surface vessels to reduce energy consumption, free-up staff, reduce maintenance costs, and improve reliability, even after an attack. These projects provided the basis for the engineering framework and our unique “spiral development” approach which means we are continually looking for ways to improve our clients operations. This approach has allowed our team to develop, identify, integrate or deploy over 200 technologies and process changes in all kinds of industries. Our differentiator from other companies is that we have built our own models to identify savings, rebates, tax credits, and financing allowing us to prioritize where to start and provide a strategic energy plan so customers know exactly how to execute in the most cost effective manner.