The Shared Savings Solution

Keeping your cash flow positive, and being able to run your business and meet all of its financial demands can act as a barrier for improving efficiency and extending the life of existing machinery.

Energy Efficient Technology knows this, and we want to help our clients continue to grow while saving money on energy costs. That’s why we offer a shared savings solution.

The practice is simple: your business pays no money up front for the services we provide to help you become more energy efficient.

Instead, we meter and provide savings in selected locations of your operation, and then charge a portion of those savings each month.

Our confidence level in our services is so high that we guarantee you will save, or we will not charge you. There’s absolutely no risk.

As a result, you are immediately cash positive in this endeavor, and that extra money can be used in other ways, such as:

  • Purchase and install new or updated equipment
  • Reduce your operational costs
  • Diminish your maintenance costs
  • Invest in your business in other areas

EET wants your business to succeed, and our technology and expertise can accomplish that goal.

You can find out more about our shared savings program when you email or call (800) 344-8132.

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