One way to fund your energy saving project is to work with Energy Efficient Technologies and our partners since 2009, the public utilities.

These entities save money when they help businesses improve their systems.

Everyone wins.

Energy Efficient Technologies will have a team of experts visit your business and identify areas that can be retrofitted, optimized or replaced.

The result is a drastic reduction in your consumption of energy and the energy savings pays for the project.  No money out of pocket and no debt.

You get all new lighting, optimized equipment, new roofs, or whatever.

Future energy costs will be easier to forecast, and your company’s reputation for helping the environment by conserving energy appeals to potential clients.

Your overall bill is greatly reduced due to the energy efficiency work and also shows a small fixed fee to the utility to pay for the project.

So your business is cash positive immediately, saves some money during the term to pay the project, and then keeps all of the savings for the life of the equipment after that.

The benefits include:

  • No upfront capital
  • Quantifiable carbon footprint reductions
  • New and better functioning equipment
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Does not appear as debt
  • Cost savings through reduced energy consumption
  • A reputation for staying ahead of the curve
  • Increased employee productivity

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