Our Approach

We focus on integrating new technologies into your facility. In addition to developing technologies, for more than 10 years, new technology developers have been seeking us out to help them understand how to position their products in the energy marketplace. As a result, we have a very extensive knowledge of revolutionary technology, how it can help you and what it means to your bottom line.

It is simple. We act as your advocate in developing a plan that achieves the highest energy savings possible. You choose how far you want to go and we tell you the best way to get there.

Our philosophy is also simple and is based on a 4-step approach:

Turn off – turn off equipment that doesn’t need to be on. It’s common for lights and equipment to be on when they don’t really need to be. Turing them off is the cheapest way to save money.

Improve – improve operations of individual components. Sometimes you don’t need a new condenser; you just need the one you have to perform better.

Integrate – integrate subsystems so the overall system performs better. the systems in every building were designed to work independently of one another—and they do. However, they are much more efficient if they are integrated.

Replace – replace older components and systems with new technology after you have exhausted the first three steps.