Immediately Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Help The Environment by Increasing Profit

Energy Efficient Technologies – Helping Your Business Work Better

The Energy Efficient Technologies team is obsessively passionate about helping the environment since 1988. We’ve been helping the government, military and companies reduce their carbon footprint, energy use, and operation and maintenance costs through technology development and insertion since then.

We are licensed professional engineers with more than 30 years of research and development backing us up. EET has evaluated, tested, integrated, developed, patented or deployed over 200 technologies to save energy, operational and maintenance costs. We already know what is going to be the fastest payback and best carbon footprint reduction technologies in each kind of commercial building and business.

Global brands across the world, including the IGA Grocery, McDonald’s system, Anheuser-Busch Companies, Men’s Wearhouse, Goodwill Industries, Nexion Health(an Omega Healthcare operator), Cogent Data Centers and major breweries and global logistics providers- have used our services and technologies to save millions of dollars and increase their profit margins thanks to energy efficiency while reducing carbon footprint.

Our goal is to help each client reduce their carbon footprint by introducing technologies to their operations which will allow them to save money, increase profits, increase building values, improve performance and output, and optimize their energy use.

Don’t know where to start? Begin with CryoGenX4 our fastest payback and biggest impact technology out of our 200 fully evaluated offerings.

HVAC and Refrigeration Sustainability-CryoGenX4

There are over six billion oil lubricated HVAC, Refrigeration, and Freezer system that all have the same internationally well documented issue that causes them to lose up to 35% efficiency and cost more to operate over time.

Even brand new equipment starts to lose efficiency as soon as it is turned on, and continues to degrade every year. Proven.

We found, and proved the solution to reduce your overall carbon footprint and electricity bill 8-15% on average. CryoGenX4

Independently tested and proven in hundreds of field trials, CryoGenx4 is changing how industries deal with this issue, oil fouling.

The one time installation of CryoGenX4 with no downtime embeds in your HVAC/refrigeration/freezer system in 24 hours to restore lost efficiency and prevent oil from building up and reducing efficiency ever again.

SAVINGS EVERY YEAR- FOR THE LIFE OF EQUIPMENT. Return on Investment is typically 800%-1000%

LED Lighting Technologies

If your lighting is not LED, it should be. Not only does it save 50-80% of electricity usage and carbon footprint, LED lights are designed to last for more than 100,000 hours – or 11 years if on 24/7. Brighter and more environmentally friendly than fluorescent bulbs and other kinds of lighting, LED has become an industry standard. We can review your lighting plan and then help you convert to LED with no money out of pocket in most cases.

Demand Reduction

Utility companies charge more during peak hours, and demand reduction can ensure that your operation continues to run smoothly without incurring enormous charges. We’ll meter and measure how your business operates and provide resources and tools to help you save money.

Solar Energy and Renewables

Using solar panels is an excellent idea to improve your carbon footprint, but before that happens, we can recommend and install a variety of energy saving solutions that will require you to invest millions less in solar energy, while still reaping the benefits.

Air Destratification

Hot air rises and cold air falls – we all know that – but this phenomena creates wildly diverse temperatures near the ceiling and floor. HVAC systems work harder to compensate, and require more maintenance. Strategically placed fans can regulate the air temperature in warehouses, grocery stores, office buildings, and manufacturing facilities. EET’s team will devise a plan that circulates the air to achieve a steady, energy saving temperature, increase sales, and increase comfort and productivity.

Other Services

Energy Efficient Technologies are experts in our field, and as we’ve grown, so has our suite of over 200 products and services. Designed and engineered by a dedicated team, our services can help you save money and reinvent your business, regardless of the size or industry. We’ve done the homework for you already.