Our Air Destratification Services Will Keep Your Facility Comfortable

Large complexes, such as industrial warehouses, grocery stores, cold storage facilities, and major retail chains, can have atmospheres that range from 0 degrees on the floor to 90 degrees near the ceiling. The result: HVAC systems that run constantly and degrade due to overwork, and the risk of products freezing or spoiling. 

Air destratification helps to control extreme temperatures by circulating the air around the structure to ensure the temperature is consistent. Energy Efficient Technologies provides air destratification services for just about any business.

The aim of any air destratification plan is to help maintain a comfortable temperature throughout a building. When it’s performed properly, the results will include:

  • Improved air circulation

Air flow is increased greatly by destratification fans because they bring the cold air up into the facility while forcing hot air down. Improving the air flow will result in temperatures that are comfortable, which in turn helps employees increase their performance and reduce the cost to cool or heat.

  • Heat or cool your facility up faster

When cold air pools at the bottom of your facility, and hot air gathers at the top, HVAC systems work harder – and in many cases can only move the temperature of the air in tiny increments. Destratification fans take hot air back to the floor and then push it up to the ceiling, while doing the opposite with cold air. Buildings with a high degree of open space benefit greatly from this.

  • Lower energy cost

Destratification fans help the facility owner to save up to 20-30% off cooling and heating costs. In order to make the floor warm enough in a high-ceilinged room during winter time, the ceiling is usually heated up to 90 degrees. This process can help to significantly reduce costs and prevent the air from forming layers in the room.

An air destratification program can be applied to virtually any type of building, including:

  • Warehouses
  • Grocery Stores
  • Retail Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Breweries
  • Wineries

The Air Destratification Process

Our first step with any air destratification project is to visit the facility and measure the top and bottom layers of air. This will give us a clear picture of the problem and how we can best resolve it, quickly and efficiently.

After we’ve recorded that data, we will examine the facility to take other measurements, and gain a complete understanding of its structure. From here we will meet with you to review what we’ve found, ask more questions to uncover any other information, and then go to work creating an accurate proposal.

The key piece of information that we gather is the size of the facility – this helps us determine what type of fans we will recommend and how many. With strategically placed fans, our clients have reported saving 20-40% on energy costs and their employees enjoying safer, more comfortable, and productive working conditions.

Due to the fact that every facility is different, and requires unique solutions, Energy Efficient Technologies works with multiple vendors so we can secure the right fan size and speed for your building.

The fans we use are industrial grade and built with durable parts and reliable machinery. Our installation crews are highly trained and knowledgeable. Throughout the installation, we will remain in touch with you to answer any questions and personally review the work site.

Contact Us about Air Destratification

If you want to learn more about air destratification, along with our other energy saving solutions and technologies – or partner with EET – contact us today at info@esquaredt.com or call 800-344-8132.