Let Demand Reduction Increase Your Efficiency

Our Demand Reduction Process

Energy Efficient Technologies has worked with clients that represent a wide array of industries – from restaurants to warehouses and beer distribution facilities. All of these clients wanted the same thing: to reduce their energy consumption and save money, especially during their utility company’s peak production hours.

Regardless of the industry your business is in, energy consumption plays a vital part in determining profit level, operating expenses, and overall financial performance. A well planned and executed demand reduction effort decreases the amount of energy used – and wasted – and puts the savings toward your bottom line.

The pricing for energy use is set when your operation is at its peak production and using the most energy – a level that will climb even higher when the weather is extremely hot. Simply put, when energy demand is high, the cost of electricity increases.

We have helped our clients accomplish their goals and reduce their energy demands by working with them to review their operations and energy needs. The next step was to focus on the parts of the operation where energy was being wasted – this included reviewing not only the machinery, but the work habits of employees, along with operating procedures that needed to be updated and refined.

One client we worked with was a restaurant chain in Maryland. Their energy demands were continuing to increase, and their busiest hours of operation tended to coincide with days that brought extreme temperature. This put a strain on their energy consumption – cooking equipment, HVAC demands, and making sure their freezers and walk-ins operated at industry-standard temperatures.

Energy Efficient Technologies met with the owners and made several adjustments, including:

  • Timed controls to turn the lights and HVAC up or down, depending on occupancy
  • Arming the security panel as the employees close up for the night, the building goes into

“nighttime mode” in which ovens, lights, HVAC and the fireplace are turned off or on a very low setting

  • E-mail advisories are sent out 24/7 to the maintenance crew, who can learn about the specifics of a problem as it occurs — whether it’s routine or an emergency — on a dedicated webpage. The page also provides immediate access to equipment documentation and parts specifications
  • The entire store is monitored and controlled from a web-based system that can be accessed via smart phone, iPad or computer
  • The smart controls greatly reduced the loss of food products. For example, a worker who neglects to close the cooler door is confronted with escalating alerts: a flashing yellow light, followed by a siren, and then an email to the manager.

Of course, every client is different, along with their needs, when it concerns demand reduction. With more than 30 years of experience, EET can create a customized solution for virtually any operation. 

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