CryoGenX4: A One Time Treatment that Saves Every Year and Lasts Forever

Oil fouling is the problem, CryoGenX4 is the solution.

  • There are over six billion oil lubricated HVAC, Refrigeration, and Freezer system operating in the world today and growing every year. 
  • There are an additional 151 million new HVAC machines purchased and installed every year.
  • Approximately $30 billion dollars a year is spent on new Ammonia and other refrigerant commercial refrigeration & freezer systems annually.
  • There are 500,000 Refrigerated Trailers in service in the United States with an additional $5 Billion dollars spent every year on new equipment globally.

99.9% of all of this equipment has this same issue.

We found the Solution- CryoGenX4

For decades this machinery around the world has been lubricated with oil to reduce friction and increase performance. A well oiled machine requires less maintenance and if properly maintained can operate for decades before being replaced.  

When it concerns HVAC and refrigeration and freezer systems, oil helps keep things operating smoothly and lubricates compressor bearings, gears, and shaft seals.  

The problem – referred to as oil fouling – occurs because the oil gets past the piston or crankshaft and seeps into the refrigerant tubes and circulates through the entire system. Over time it coats the heat exchanger tubes, creating a thermal barrier that degrades heat transfer, efficiency and capacity. This causes them to lose up to 35% efficiency and cost more to operate while increasing your carbon footprint over time.  Even brand new equipment starts to lose efficiency as soon as it is turned on, and continues to degrade every year.

Proven and well documented by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers. Here’s what there independent testing said about oil fouling:

Effects On Heat Transfer
Oil fouling of the heat transfer surfaces of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, will cause a loss of about 7%
efficiency the first year, 5% the second year, and 2% per year the following years. Usually, the efficiency degradation will peak somewhere between 20% and 30 %. Published ASHRAE information confirms these observations. According to ASHRAE,
performance is degraded by as much as 30% due to the build-up of lubricants on internal surfaces. Higher percentages
up to 40% have been observed in systems 20 years old or older.”

This causes your machines to work harder and run longer to do the same work, costing you more money and increasing your carbon footprint by up to 40%. This also requires additional maintenance to continue operating and in some cases equipment needs to be completely replaced – an expensive proposition either way that impacts the overall output of the facility and its operations.

The Story of CryoGenx4

Energy Efficient Technologies has identified, deployed and proven the answer to oil fouling – CryoGenX4. 

Developed continually over 20 years by the same chemist that helped develop Mobil One synthetic motor oil, CryoGenX4 is the fourth patented evolution of liquid surface science technology. Inside this solution are tiny particles which are electromagnetically charged. They push their way past fouled oil and embed themselves onto all interior services – much like Teflon on a frying pan.

As they do their job, these particles remove and emulsify the oil so it can no longer attach to heat exchange surfaces. When this occurs, heat can be transferred out of the system, which improves efficiency, performance and capacity – not to mention more savings and carbon footprint reduction each year.

After 20 years deployed in over 150,000 installations on six continents, there have been zero voided warranties and zero insurance claims for any issues with equipment.

Benefits of CryoGenX4

  • Save up to 35% (on average 15-20%) on the cost to operate HVAC, refrigeration, freezer, or reefer systems
  • Reduce 8-15% of overall electricity bills and carbon footprint
  • Reduce kW Demand Charges 15-20% on average
  • Lifetime return on investment 800-1300%
  • Increase building value by directly increasing Net Operating Income
  • Reduced Insurance cost
  • Increased rental income
  • Restore lost capacity
  • Reach Setpoints Faster
  • Reduce humidity levels by removing more water from air
  • Reduced kW/Ton (increased efficiency- up to 35%)
  • Increased Coefficient of Performance
  • Increase Delta T- (difference in temperature in and out of the machine)
  • Extend equipment life by 20%
  • Reduce maintenance

What Savings Can I Expect in My Equipment?

Here’s a summary of real world validation testing in over 309 DX and 310 Chiller systems summarized by age of equipment:


Applying CryoGenx4

Installing the solution into a system is performed by one of our 11,000 trained technicians in about 15 minutes per machine. This liquid is slowly pumped into the same port as adding refrigerant and then circulates throughout the operation. Depending on the size of the system, full CryoGenX4 savings can start as soon as 24 hours for a smaller system to 2 to 4 weeks for a million square foot systems ,such as a frozen foods warehouse.

There’s no breakdown in the CryoGenx4 solution, the nanotechnology will last as long as the equipment is in operation – and even if parts are replaced, there’s no need for another application. Paybacks come as quickly as six months, and since this one-time application provides savings every year for the life of the equipment, operators will normally experience a ROI of 800-1200% on average.

Industries that Benefit from CryoGenx4

Energy Efficient Technologies has helped companies across America and around the world reduce their energy consumption and increase their productivity, thanks to CryoGenX4. When it’s introduced into the buildings’ systems, machinery will begin to run more efficiently almost immediately. 

Almost every business can benefit from CryoGenX4.

The typical consumer of this product can range from small to large businesses, including grocery stores, restaurants, data centers, breweries, distribution, healthcare, assisted living, retail, wine distilleries, breweries, pharmaceutical and technology companies. Large HVAC/R machinery like chillers(using ammonia and all refrigerants), freezers, and other climate-controlled equipment are prime candidates for this application.

Clients that have used and validated our oil fouling solution include:

  • Omega Healthcare System- Nexion Heath Assisted Living
  • McDonald’s System
  • Anheuser-Busch Companies
  • Men’s Wearhouse
  • Cogent Data Centers
  • Goodwill Industries
  • DPI- a Starbucks distribution System
  • Breweries
  • Global Logistics
  • Numerous Grocery stores


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