Here Comes the Sun – And Energy Savings

Solar energy has been a viable energy source for decades, and as world wide brands and companies move to reduce their carbon footprint, the solar energy trend has seen a sizable increase in popularity.

All of our clients wanted to shrink their carbon footprint and at some point in the near future become completely carbon neutral. Solar power remains one of the best ways to accomplish these goals.

Our approach to solar energy and renewables is different from our competition, because we urge our clients to make their buildings more energy efficient before they install solar panels. 

Once a building or facility is running more efficiently they will need less solar panels for the same carbon neutral result. This saves millions of dollars as the energy efficiency work has much faster paybacks and greater impact.

Here’s an example of two options for a company that is interested in becoming carbon neutral:

Company A spends $1 million a year in electricity to run their business and uses HVAC and some refrigeration. They want to convert to solar power so they can save money and help the environment.

Option 1:

  • The decision is made to immediately switch over to solar energy to offset their usage.
  • Solar deployment would require 35 acres of solar panels and cost $7 million to deploy.

Option 2:

  • Company A deploys CryoGenX4, LED Lighting upgrades and other energy conservation measures. The result – a reduction of 40% in energy consumption.  
  • Energy efficiency work saves $400K a year for the next 11 years. This adds up to $4.4 million in savings and reduces carbon footprint.
  • Building value increases due to an increase in net operating income by a cap rate of 6%, which accounts for another $2.4 million in savings. 
  • The building now requires 25 acres of solar panels with an installation cost of $4.2 million.
  • This solar option saves 10 acres of panels and $2.8 million.

By taking Option 2 – and becoming energy efficient first – the company would wind up saving $9.6 million.

How EET Can Help

Transforming over to solar energy is a complex operation that can yield incredible savings for a business. In addition, lowering a carbon footprint and working to become carbon neutral benefits the environment, along with your company’s image, reputation, and brand.

With over 30 years of engineering skills and working with clients around the world with their energy savings requirement, EET’s team is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in our field.

We can help your company attain its solar power plans by meeting with you and reviewing the best ways to reach your goal. Our approach to evaluating how you can first improve the energy efficiency of your building, before converting to solar, includes a variety of steps.

The first step is to perform an on-site audit of your building and interview owners, personnel, and other employees who will be involved with the project. This allows our team to get a clear picture of the entire operation.

Then we can evaluate any building data that’s available, and install monitoring equipment that will help measure electricity consumption – including HVAC energy consumption. From here we can provide an evaluation that identifies ways the building can increase its energy efficiency.

We’ll calculate your energy savings, recommend a variety of solutions, and then work with you to create a viable plan. Once your building or facility has become more energy efficient, Energy Efficient Technologies will partner with you to convert the operation to solar energy.

Contact Us about Solar Energy

If you want to learn more about solar energy, along with our other energy saving solutions and technologies – or partner with EET – contact us today at or call 800-344-8132.