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The licensed professional engineers at Energy Efficient Technologies (EET) have been in business for more than 30 years and was formed to provide the most comprehensive energy efficiency solutions possible. Our team has developed, identified, integrated, patented or deployed more than 200 technologies and process changes across industries that include: grocery stores, assisted living, data centers, cold chain, retail, restaurants,  warehouses,  office space, hotels, hospitals, refrigerated trucks(reefers) and banks.

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Unlike other companies, we have built our own models to identify savings, rebates, tax credits, and financing. These practices allow us to prioritize where to start with each project and provide a strategic energy plan so customers know how to execute in the most cost effective manner. More ›



Save between 8% to 15% on your overall electrical bills with CryoGenX4

CryoGenX4 is a one-time application that is installed while the HVAC systems are running. There is absolutely no downtime or interruption to business operations during installation. Once it is allowed to properly absorb into the metal surfaces of the equipment for 24 hours, CryoGenX4 lasts for the life of the unit. Changing refrigerants or the oil reservoir in a system at this point will not affect the technology as it has now become an integral part of the system.


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Case Study - Nexion Health

Energy Efficient Technologies has been working with Omega Healthcare and their operator Nexion Health in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities since 2014.

To date EET has proven savings of several energy conservation measures at corporate headquarters, performed extensive audits in all 51 locations and deployed energy conservation measures in 26 complete locations.  These include:

  • Deployment of CryoGenX4 in 340 Rooftop HVAC machines
  • 28,141 LED lighting replacements
  • This will produce over $5 Million Dollars of energy savings over the life of this equipment.

All of this was completed with no money out of pocket and no debt as the energy savings paid for the project on the utility bill.

The other 25 locations are planned to be completed next bringing the overall lifetime savings total to approximately $10 million dollars in this portfolio.

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